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Cultivate Inner Power (even in a Pandemic)

Come and learn the Art of Power and Recovery with Qigong Master and Coach David Coon. 


David Coon is an internationally recognized Qi Gong master.   This workshop will focus on building your inner resources.  INNER POWER has an outer influence.  When we cultivate our inner power, it radiates outwardly, impacting all our relations and networks.  Even more so, "the lack" of an inner power can impact our health and personal relationships.  These effects extend to all our social relationships, both at work and at home.     

When we are clear and centered, we do not create drama.  We can solve problems easily and with the appropriate level of care and concern.   When we feel this kind of inner strength, we become empowered to shape our reality, rather than become victims to it.   Many of our cycles of conflict are unconscious creations from our minds.   These loops can keep us stuck.  Mental frameworks of competition, victimization and separating from others are common ways leaders weaken their power (called "power leaks").   The behaviors stemming from insecure leaders who are not "in their power" unknowingly  send their teams into tailspins, competition, gossiping, and lower performance.  


There is good news!  Authentic INNER POWER is associated with harmony and spaciousness, which allows individuals and groups to stay connected and work autonomously.   When leaders set the tone from this place, there is a sense of trust, group empowerment, clarity, capacity for problem-solving, and human flourishing.   


In this workshop, participants will learn:

  •  To identify and explore states of NNER POWER and "weakened power" in self and others. 

  •  Understand the impact of a Power Mindset on self, cohorts and teams. 

  •  Practice exercises to strengthen a Mindset of Inner Power. 

  •  2-3 minute zoom-resets to manage personal energy and stay mentally and physically well during the virtual workday. 

Duration: 2.5 Hours 

Method: Zoom / Webinar 


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