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  • We lead culture shaping immersions to improve system performance and increase engagement.   We are experts in creating more positive organizational cultures for enterprises, networks, and foundations.   Our interventions create momentum quickly by catalyzing more present and compassionate leaders, authentically connected and collaborative teams, and more energized and resilient people.  

  • We grow companies by fueling human potential.   How?  Our cascading immersion process unlocks untapped potential leveraging the sacred teachings of Eastern contemplative traditions (mindfulness, yoga) with leading breakthroughs in the science human flourishing from nueroscience, group dynamics, and positive psychology - to create lasting, sustainable impact.   

  • Our interventions increase capacity, personal growth, empathy and compassion.  Our footprints are greater renewal, increased energy and optimism, resilient positivity, and meaningful connection to your tribe at work.  

  • We also design and host strategy conferences to generate break-through solutions for complex strategic problems, and to foster deep collaboration across stakeholder groups needing more alignment.   

  • Our culture immersions build a community in which people can be themselves at work, embody positivity and resiliency skills, and lead and speak from their hearts. 

  • We specialize in generating authentic connections, generous amounts of trust, and transformation in people.   The most under-leveraged, untapped competitive advantage in business today is creating a culture of sustainable energy, resilient positivity, empathy and compassion, and authentic connectedness.

  • Transformational Leaders. Genuinely Connected and Aligned Teams.  Flourishing People.

Culture-Shaping & Engagement

Similing Team
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Cross functional & Intact Team Coaching

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Leadership & Personal Retreats

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Executive Coaching 

The Leap
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Team Retreats: Purpose, Play & Personal Growth

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