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Connecting in the Heart: What We Can Learn from Indigenous Culture

All Hands In

Module Description:


This webinar invites you to experience and learn from a Lumbee Tribal Elder and accomplished business leader, Sharon Oxendine.  

Indigenous People are always concerned with the quality of connection with self, community, and nature.  When connection is restored, harmony follows.  

Sharon will guide teams through experiences to create and restore connection where it has been broken or lost. When teams are connected, they operate with authenticity, diligence, understanding and efficiency.  Most importantly, when we feel connected, we are filled with renewing energy and live a more peaceful and harmonized life.




​In these workshops, you will:

  • Be guided to connect with each person within your team within “circle work”.

  • Deepen capacity to communicate outside of the normal working environment.  

  • Learn “wisdom keeper ways" to incorporate to maintain connection throughout your workday.


Total Duration: 


4-5 hours (1-2 Sessions: webinar)

  •  Sharon also provides multi-day ceremonial retreats for teams seeking harmony and deeper connection. 

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