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Culture predicts long-term success more than any other factor ever measured.

- James Heskett, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business Research

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is more predictive of future success than any other factor, including strategy. "Culture eats Strategy for breakfast."

- Peter Drucker


Culture accounts a whopping 50% of the variance in operating profit over time.

- James Heskett

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Where does culture originate?

Research shows that "culture is a shadow of leadership"  - Larry Senn.  Put simply, culture is catalyzed or compromised by leadership.

Therefore, culture change requires leadership transformation at its core. 


But, how do you help leaders to be more authentic, inspiring, passionate, humble, and kind in a world where strain and anxiety are the new normal?

The new unhealthy normal

Depletion and exhaustion impact more than engagement.   




Research shows that a happy brain out-performs a neutral or negative brain in every success category measured - by as much as 35%. 


Happiness is a competitive advantage.  This is why millions are spent on employee engagement interventions.  


The Problem is employee engagement. It is not created by external solutions.     

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the problem

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"Only 10% of Happiness can be predicted by external factors like money or the size of your house."  

- Shawn Achor

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means to be awake

We specialize in creating high performance cultures, aligned and connected people, and breakthrough solutions to complex strategic problems - by changing HOW we work.   


HOW we work matters.   HOW we work impacts our health, our relationships, and our outcomes.  HOW we show up as leaders dramatically influences culture and performance.  

By changing HOW we work, we help create even higher performance and improve life outcomes ...  and that's freedom.  

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