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High Fives

A Mindfulness-Based Culture Shaping Firm

We provide training, coaching and consultation to elevate teams and leaders. 


We utilize a holistic, science-based approach to increase energy, personal performance, and joy. 


Our secret sauce?  We fuse ancient truths for the modern time - wisdom teachings with neuroscience, using brain-based tools to create happier, healthier humans who harmonize better together.  

We specialize in helping humans work together better.

Natural Waterfall

Why Mindfulness in the Business World?  

Culture is deeply embedded and difficult to change.   It is often invisible, but felt and known.   Culture will exist whether intentionally created or not.  Culture change requires personal transformation at its core.  Thriving leaders created high impact, thriving organizations.  


Our approach is different - on purpose.   We are experts in creating change from the inside out – as an insight rather than an ultimatum.  And, it works.    Our immersions apply cutting-edge research from psychology and neuroscience, and fuse these with 4,000 year-old systems of knowledge given to us by the timeless wisdom traditions.  We awaken and inspire leaders and teams into a new way of operating.   


We systemically engineer and cascade insight-based experiences to catalyze leaders and teams to even higher performance and deeper, more authentic relationships.   

Thriving People.  Thriving Cultures.   Moksha.   

No Person Has The Same Thumbprint

Our approach is collaborative and customized for each of our clients.  


We start by assessing client needs, diagnosing the current culture, challenges and opportunities.  We utilize quantitative and qualitative assessments to determine needs.   

>>>  Important:  We align culture with the organization's strategic goals, identifying strategic gaps in the cultural environment slowing results. 



We then partner with Leadership to design a transformation roadmap.  We build sustainability into planning; all interventions are leader-led processes, meaning that culture shaping is owned and led by leaders.    



We meticulously design experiences to spark the desire to grow, connect, and align.  We disrupt norms, unfreeze old behaviors and beliefs, and “wake up” personal power.  Our immersions catalyze insights and internally driven change, generating huge amounts of trust and collaboration quickly.  



Following this momentum wave, we partner with Executive Leadership to integrate change into system mechanics - hiring, onboarding, coaching, succession planning.  We align processes to remove waste, disruption, and unintentional railroading from preference, bias, or (mostly) old habits.   


Change never stops and that's the joy of it.  We help clients not only embrace continuous learning, but to look forward to it.   Following our immersions, we pause.  We reflect.  We take a breath and assess results.  Then, we partner with Senior Leadership to determine the next phase of growth.  And, we Evolve again. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help shape our world by elevating HOW we work and connect together.   

We cannot hope to impact our world and be present for our families if we are burnt out and disengaged.  Our work impacts our entire life.   


Great architects do not design spaces; they design states of mind 


We are Culture architects.   

We design states of performance - environments where people can be their best - where humans thrive together.


Our work results in transformational change and even higher performance - and creates environments where work feels even more purposeful and connected.  

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