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How to Leverage Wise Power

Herd of Elephants

Module Description:


Many successful experts are promoted into leadership without adequate training and preparation for aligning complex and diverse stakeholders.  A leader's expert knowledge is needed less when their new role is to motivate, inspire, and lead - all while creating safety and delivering results.  Even well-intended leaders make predictable mistakes when leveraging their power without thoughtful awareness and intention. 


Positive leadership resonance is the number one predictor of engagement and performance. How a leader uses power is the underpinning factor.  It is common for leaders to either overuse or underuse their power, both creating harm to team performance and success.   In many cases, leaders can swing from one extreme to another, creating a "walking on eggshells” / uncertain environment for their team.  

Unconscious, misuse of power often stifles autonomy, lowers engagement, and creates a subversive power structure to work around power patterns.  

Relational power dynamics are often learned and modeled from caregivers, business schools, previous leaders, and company culture and can be changed.  On a deeper level, they arise from our attachment systems of security, avoidance, or anxiousness. 

Frequently, leaders and colleagues can inherit power dynamics.  The following dynamics are incredibly challenging and require wise use of power to overcome:

  • Promotion of leaders over previous colleagues 

  • Historical unresolved conflicts left unhealed

  • Replacing a legacy leader       

  • Gender and Racial bias

  • Highly reactive, over accommodating, sensitive or combative personalities

  • Boomer and Millennial divides

  • Charged with Change Management

  • Feelings of insecurity or lack of support

Wise Power

Workshop Outcomes For Teams & Leaders:

  • Learn five types of leadership power: strengths and weaknesses of each

  • Assess their personal power strategies, attachment style, and identify overused and underutilized skill sets

  • Commit to growth to create a wise power action plans for self and team.


Training Format:

  • Total Duration:  9 hours

  • No. of Sessions: 3

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