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Performance on the field is poetry in motion.   Our gift back to life is our creative expression.   Athletic competition - when it's done well --- stops time.  Poetry in Motion.  Nations have been captivated by single moments of raw, athletic performance.   

And, if you were to take a snapshot of a great athlete in their absolute peak moment of performance ...          guess what? 


No one would be there.   

Instead, all that existed in that moment was pure FLOW - - a human completely ONE with the moment - fully immersed within it.   


Flow states lead to higher states performance.     

We help athletes become even better.   We help teams FLOW together.   We help clubs and enterprises win more often.   

We are specialists in FLOW states.   Our methods fuse positive psychology, PNE (psychonuero-endocrinology), neuroscience, and mindfulness.   We leave no stone unturned for creating winning clubs and humans capable of their best.   

For example, research has consistently shown that coherence patterns in the body lead to significant increases in baseline performance.  And, do you know what the number one driver of coherence is?  Mood state.   Did anyone do training on that?


Like it our not, our thinking drives our results.  If you can change your thinking, you can change your outcomes.  Our team of researchers and FLOW coaches help athletes improve outcomes by optimizing their training using integral techniques - meaning we impact the whole of the human operating system: body, mind, heart, and spirit.  

F L     W  Model

Performance Mindset

Our thinking drives our results in sports and in life.  We help athletes develop more calm, centered presence.   We teach mindfulness and meditation. We work with thinking habits and identify areas of worry or insecurity.  We coach athletes using neuroscience-based performance hacks to achieve even greater results. 

Emotional Regulation

Emotions can win or lose games.  Emotions can catalyze or destroy momentum.   We help athletes work with their emotions and to regulate them when stress is high. 


We teach teams to wire together into coherent states where performance is optimized.  And, we help teams clear away toxicity and conflict that impede FLOW states.   

Energetic Renewal

All over the world, we're managing our time.  But, we should instead by managing our energy.  Energy is what creates or inhibits results.  Unlike time, we can create more energy and use it more wisely.   

We teach athletes renewal strategies to heal their bodies more quickly, to increase their energy when they need it most through simple breathing or movement practices, and how to rejuvenate following games for maximum recovery.  


Talent wins games; teams win championships.  - MJ

We build highly successful athletic programs / teams  capable of greater impact. 


We help each athlete become more alive - more vibrant, more present, more mindful, more self-aware, more growth-minded, more optimistic, more effective in relating to others and in  communicating.  

We realize that there is nothing more powerful than a team in FLOW together. 

Our model of training fuses insights from neuroscience, sports psychology, human physiology, and mindfulness.

There is a reason Phil Jackson won 11 rings.  His technique was not kept in secret, but is rarely practiced.  


To achieve superior performance, the total human has to be engaged and involved – this means our emotions and mindset as much as our training and technique.  

Team Flow is only possible when each athlete is capable of their best - mentally, physically, emotionally, AND --- as a team.  This means that communication and teamwork are essential.  

Team Flow Training:
breathing techniques
recovery and renewal
emotion regulation
positive psychology
supreme focus
neuroscience hacks
performance mindsets
conscious communication
mindful movement
pure presence
flow triggers
energy management
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