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Our team combines Ph.D. Psychologists, Flow Researchers, Qi Gong masters, Executive Coaches, Culture Experts, and former industry Leaders to produce a dynamic team dedicated to your company's health, growth, and increasing the potential of your people.   

core team


Sheila Pride, CEO

Sheila R. Pride, LCSW, RYT, LMT is the CEO of the Moksha Group.    Sheila is a business consultant, executive and team coach.   She is a heart-based change agent, leading transformation for leaders, teams, and organizations across the country.  Sheila applies neuroscience, compassion and leverages contemplative practice tools and techniques to create meaningful change.   In addition to 15 years of clinical experience as a social worker and trauma recovery, Sheila also is an expert in energy sciences - yoga, chi-gong, somatic and biofeedback therapies.  
Sheila is a master facilitator and is thoughtful and successful in helping groups realign, improve communication, and lead from their hearts.  She is committed to helping leaders share what they learn with their families and communities.   Sheila is at her best when helping high-conflict teams or conflict-avoidant teams successfully communicate and resolve issues.  She is able to help leaders show up more empathetically and improve their capacities around feedback, delivery, and team.

Sheila has taught at Washington University, St. Louis University, and University of Missouri St. Louis before founding the Moksha Institute.  She has created international training curriculum and conducted training nationally with corporations, advocacy groups, legislature, state coalitions, hospitals, and human rights task forces.  Sheila has ten years working in the field of domestic violence, trauma and torture, sexual assault, refugee resettlement, economic justice and community empowerment.  She continues to work to support local community teaching yoga, self regulation and somatic therapies in retreat and community settings.  She is an avid supporter of conscious companies, nature and human rights. 
She regularly supports nonprofit community and serves as a member of the All our Relations, a network of diverse women bringing harmony and healing to communities and to the plant. 
Sheila's consultation/training/coaching is designed to awaken the heart and soul of a leader and an organization – moving into healing so they can lead with an internal feeling of steadiness, discernment, and joy and empower those around them.  She is grateful for her rural roots and urban life.  She loves horses, dark chocolate, djembe, nature and dancing.  She has two amazing children and an amazing partner in work and life.  


Ryan Pride, Ph.D., SVP

Dr. Ryan Pride is an Organizational Psychologist, Culture Expert, and former VP of Human Resources.   Ryan leads our statistics and informatics team.   He is an Industry leader in Positive Psychology and combines experience as a Senior Executive within a Fortune 500.   leader in Corporate  with knowledge from Psychology and Eastern philosophy to help transform leaders/individuals. Ryan is the founder of the Moksha Institute.  His vision is to revolutionize the management consulting field, which has become replete with those only concerned about financial gain.  The idea of a caring consultant that is dedicated to creating thriving organizations and engaged people is foreign today.   However, employee wellbeing continues to decline; with most of our time spent at work, this affects every person on the planet.   Ryan has over 15 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies across the world.  He has built and led his own Organizational Development function, was the VP of HR for two of the largest furniture companies in the world, serves as a leadership coach to CEOs and Business Leads across multiple industries, and provides life coaching to those seeking to change their life.


Nancy Straatman, LPC
Master Coach

Nancy Straatman is a former CFO and Business Owner.  Following career success and early retirement, Nancy began her life again as a trained therapist and executive coach.   Nancy is deeply passionate about coaching others to success. Nancy has also trained with Dr Deepak Chopra and is certified to teach Meditation and Mindfulness through the Chopra Center for Wellness.  She is also certified by the Heartmath Institute in training resiliency and coherence.   Nancy is a dedicated practitioner with over25 years of meditation and leading groups. .  For the past 8 years she has taught workshops and coached clients individually to rediscover their joy and passion for life.   As a Licensed Professional Counselor. Nancy gained a deep understanding of the process of change and healing and has a powerful way of compassionately listening and engaging the change process..  She is also a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and coaches leaders through the process of reclaiming their lives in recovery from Drugs and Alcohol.  Nancy believes that we awaken our highest potential by bringing our heart, mind, and body into coherence, and aligning with our Spirit.

Dan Marston Headshot.jpg

Dan Marston
Master Coach & Facilitator

Dan is a passionate leader that thrives at activating people’s highest level of personal capacity— spanning mind, body, and spirit. He is a peak performance coach, facilitator, and transformational immersion leader.


His approach in culture shaping and coaching is a combination of peak performance training, cutting edge neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and flow research. He weaves these influences into impactful experiences to cultivate new levels of capacity, performance, purpose, and connection within individuals and groups. 


Dan’s professional background started as a mechanical engineer, which strengthened his ability to solve complex problems and create optimal outcomes, but his love for people and entrepreneurship quickly took him out of engineering and into a leadership role on an innovation team within a Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley. Within this role he helped shape the working environments of some of the biggest tech companies on the planet while fostering the mindfulness community and the innovation incubation team within the organization. 


Dan chose to transition his focus from his prior company to Moksha where he can make an even greater impact across multiple organizations to foster heart-led leadership, culture innovation, and purpose-driven engagement. 


Dan’s greatest joys outside of his work at Moksha include traveling to foreign lands to learn from other cultures, adventuring deep into the wilderness in pursuit of awe, and exploring the frontiers of flow state.



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Sharon Oxedine



Dr. Anu French, MD

Dr French, an artist, musician, yogini, author and integrative pediatrician, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, double board-certified in Pediatrics and Integrative Medicine, with fellowship training in Integrative Medicine and Integrative Psychiatry.  

With special interest in integrative nutrition, health care equity, childhood mental health and intergenerational resilience, she serves on professional and policy advisory boards of Integrative Medicine for the Underserved, Let’s Integrate and WholeHealthED.

In clinical practice for 25 years,  she melds her passion to provide accessible integrative pediatric care with craftivism through her affirmative art series, her meditative music and global advocacy at her office in St Louis, MO.  She has researched and published on the topics of nutrition, yoga, art and resilience and has taught mindfulness, food as medicine and sound healing workshops to corporation, medical, dietetic and yoga students, pediatric and psychiatry residents and Montessori educators.

Having found balance through the healing arts after professional and personal burnout, Dr French offers integrative resources she hopes will be helpful through her website and her Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram pages.  Her choice of meditation is walking her backyard labyrinth, being a mindful partner to her beloved and a mindful parent to her two precious daughters and her two wayward dogs.

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