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Sheila Pride
CEO, Co-Founder

Sheila R. Pride, LCSW, RYT, LMT is the CEO of the Moksha Group.    Sheila is a business consultant, executive and team coach.   She is a heart-based change agent, leading transformation for leaders, teams, and organizations across the country.  Sheila applies neuroscience, compassion and leverages contemplative practice tools and techniques to create meaningful change.   In addition to 15 years of clinical experience as a social worker and trauma recovery, Sheila also is an expert in energy sciences - yoga, chi-gong, somatic and biofeedback therapies.  
Sheila is a master facilitator and is thoughtful and successful in helping groups realign, improve communication, and lead from their hearts.  She is committed to helping leaders share what they learn with their families and communities.   Sheila is at her best when helping high-conflict teams or conflict-avoidant teams successfully communicate and resolve issues.  She is able to help leaders show up more empathetically and improve their capacities around feedback, delivery, and team.


Sheila has taught at Washington University, St. Louis University, and University of Missouri St. Louis before co-founding the Moksha Institute.  She has created international training curriculum and conducted training nationally with corporations, advocacy groups, legislature, state coalitions, hospitals, and human rights task forces.  Sheila has ten years working in the field of domestic violence, trauma and torture, sexual assault, refugee resettlement, economic justice and community empowerment.  She continues to work to support local community teaching yoga, self regulation and somatic therapies in retreat and community settings.  She is an avid supporter of conscious companies, nature and human rights. 

She regularly supports nonprofit community and serves as a member of the All our Relations, a network of diverse women bringing harmony and healing to communities and to the planet.
Sheila draws from the deepest teachings of yoga science, shamanic studies, mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Restructuring, and Gestalt Therapy to assist leaders and individuals in total transformation.   
Sheila's consultation/training/coaching is designed to awaken the heart and soul of a leader and an organization – moving into healing so they can lead with an internal feeling of steadiness, discernment, and joy and empower those around them.  She is grateful for her rural roots and urban life.  She loves horses, dark chocolate, djembe, nature and dancing.  She has two amazing children and an amazing partner in work and life. 

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