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Ryan Pride, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer

I am a former VP of HR, Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, and now, I own and co-lead the the world’s first mindfulness-based culture shaping firm in the world - the Moksha Group. I have over 20 years experience leading Human Resources and system-wide change, and I have applied this to our enterprise culture-shaping interventions.  What I've learned from my experience, from study into hundreds of case examples of success, and my own gut wisdom, is that success depends on the internal culture of the company and the "level of consciousness" of the executive team. I can usually tell within 30 minutes of meeting the executive team whether or not the company will be here in the next 10 years. Why? Because as Larry Senn, my mentor, said to me: "Culture is just a Shadow of Leadership."

I am deeply passionate about changing the world, and I take it very seriously. Ernest Holmes said, "Let your Work be your Highest Prayer." To me, this means that our time on Earth is precious and we must strive to make it count. From my own life experience, work has made me sick. I've seen more executives than I can count develop cancer throughout their bodies due to chronic stress from their work.  And, I know that after a demanding day, the last thing I want to do is be social, do something good for my world or society, or give back.   But, our world needs us.   Our collective requires our contribution.   The truth is - we can't hope to change the world, until we change HOW we are working.   Because, for most, work is depleting, not renewing.   


And, there is a different way to work.

At Moksha, we've developed an incredible transformation program to create high-performance cultures.  We are dedicated to creating high-performance organizations, awesome teams, and leaders who actually inspire others. Mostly, we create the capacity for long-term growth and change.

I've led HR. I've led People and Culture. I've led OD. I’ve partnered with Executives from many of the top 100 companies in the world to build incredible organizations where people feel cared about and high performance flows easily because the culture supports it.  And, in all this time, I've never seen something as powerful as a CEO who is mindful, compassionate, and full of energy.

I am extremely passionate about making work feel better. We (my team and I) do this by creating more conscious teams and more emotionally connected leaders. We help leaders rejuvenate their energy and create more impact in how they show up.

Our work is just so cool and I could not be more proud to do this amazing, soul inspiring work!!! Thank you to all our clients!


Dr. Ryan Pride is an Organizational Psychologist, Culture Catalyst, and former VP of Human Resources.   Ryan is an Industry leader in Positive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Group Dynamics.   He is sought for his expertise as a Culture Researcher and for his work in Organizational Systems. 


Ryan combines experience as a Senior Executive within a Fortune 500 with leading large-scale change externally.   Dr. Pride has led Strategy, Organizational Development, Diversity and Inclusion, People and Culture, and Human Resources.    He fuses knowledge from Psychology and Eastern philosophy to help transform leaders/individuals.   Dr. Pride is a student of the world's mystical traditions and wisdom traditions.   


Ryan is the co-founder of the Moksha Institute.  His vision was to revolutionize the partnership model of external consulting, which has become replete with those only concerned about financial gain.  Change agents and catalysts are needed to disrupt normative, unhealthy patterns.   Ryan has been promoted to successive roles due to his maverick approach to creative change.   


Ryan has over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies across the world.  He  serves as a leadership coach to CEOs and Business Leads across multiple industries, and provides life coaching to those seeking to change their life.   

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