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Our retreats are unforgettable experiences that weave purpose, play, and adventure into personal growth and expansion. They offer an opportunity to go deeper into the transformative work than we typically can do onsite.  Conscious is a collaboration with our environment; we utilize setting to catalyze deeper, next level change.   Our retreats are designed for leaders, teams, and even everyday professionals seeking radical growth, incredible experiences, and soul-level renewal.   


Whether we are leading a team-building retreat, a group of high-level leaders, or one of our personal retreats, the impact is similar:   the power of these teachings, the majesty of the environment, and the transformative nature of practicing together leaves participants feeling empowered and centered with a deeper level of clarity and focus.


Learn more about our offerings below and reach out to us if you would like to know more about our upcoming retreats or have Moksha lead a private retreat curated for your team.

Rock Maze
Meditating in Nature
Yoga Group

Team-Building Retreats

Moksha's Team-Building Retreats are about fostering greater trust, connection and harmony between team members in a fun and rejuvenating setting. Whether the retreat is held just off campus or in a different country, it is a chance to push your edges and connect a little deeper with your team so that you can show up more authentically and powerfully.  Our retreat curriculum is always built on a foundation of purpose, play, and growth, yet it can be catered to the specific needs for the team - from generating greater team synergy to brainstorming

innovative solutions to big challenges, or resolving deep-seated conflicts


Leadership Retreats

Our Leadership retreats are profound experiences that both rejuvenate and inspire, while challenging you and pushing your edges to reveal your blindspots and challenge your old ways of thinking.   Our leadership retreats are designed to catalyze exponential growth in short order - so that you are better able to adapt to change, look through new perspectives, and feel empowered to lead adaptively with more heart and authenticity. These retreats are not just about retreating but about growing and bringing that growth back to your organization and family so that you can thrive at a new level, together. We incorporate cutting-edge research and powerful practices from master facilitators in exotic locations that offer diverse cultures, exquisite food, and a serene setting.  Leadership retreats are held once per year, but can be arranged privately for teams of five or more.

Yoga by the Pool

Personal Retreats

Our personal retreats are fun, playful, and purposeful. They offer a chance to rejuvenate and recharge in an inspiring setting with other growth-minded people. We combine unforgettable adventures with meaningful group experiences that will help you connect more with yourself and your purpose. We do these to have fun and bring more play into the picture, and also to re-inspire what is most important in this life for you, because we all know it’s easy to forget!  You will leave with more clarity, a renewed joy for life, new and incredible friendships, and unforgettable memories. We lead several pre-planned retreats throughout the year and also lead private retreats for groups of four or more.


Clint Rogers, Ph.D. 
CEO, Wisdom of The World Wellness

“The leadership retreat was exactly what I needed. It was an extraordinary experience that I left feeling more empowered, connected to the best version of myself, and with a new sense of clarity. Moksha has this way of bringing people together in a rare way that pushes your edges to see what you're really capable of in the midst of fun and adventure. Everyone felt like family at the end. I left feeling transformed in some very key areas of my life.”

soctt komar image.jpeg

Scott Komar
SVP, R&D, Driscoll's

"Thank you!!  Your time with our R&D leadership team was SO positive and impactful.  You are both so talented, and such a great complement to each other. Yesterday in the morning, when I first checked in with the team to get their thoughts about the past two days, everyone was overwhelmingly positive about the time and experience together.  Even better, our time spent together on Thursday was significantly different from prior meetings … in a very positive and productive way.   I really appreciate what you’ve imparted on us and look forward to catching up in the near future to discuss additional steps later this year."


Laurie Allen
Graphic Designer + Mom Extraordinaire 

"Thank you so much! This retreat really meant a lot in my life right at this point. I am excited to go back home and take this energy with me and continue to notice all of the things that you all have brought into my life."


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