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Collaborative Problem Solving and Strategic Planning

Often, organizational problems aren't easy to solve; strategic obstacles can be dynamic, complicated, involving multiple stakeholder groups, and without easy solutions.  More and more, we find organizations scrambling to innovate to a rapidly changing world; the old model of having a "savior" leader who has all the answers isn't sustainable and does not work in a global structure where right-time decision-making and agility are required.  

Our network collaboration summits offer an incredible solution, which increases engagement, involvement, and leads to better ideas.   


In order to survive and continue to innovate, it is often necessary to gather many minds together, to form a collaborative, problem-solving network.  These are gatherings of the most important and critical talent in the department, function, or in cross-functional networks to solve problems and formulate strategies.     


The challenge with network collaborations is basic:  as humans, we form in groups and protect our turf.   This is where our expertise shines.   We help build collaborative networks that work, because we connect people together in our common humanity.   We help organizations increase trust and authentic connection, and then move toward ideation and action.  In this way, we can generate tremendous impact, deeper levels of connection, and resolution to some of the organizations most difficult challenges in as little as 3 days together.   

We also help organizations built their strategic plan using this same methodology.   All too often, strategic planning is a top created, downwardly driven process, which does not inspire, mobilize, or build commitment/involvement.   We help organizations, functions, and networks clarify their strategy, build collaborative networks to support it, integrate changes by creating the processes and structures to sustain results.

If you are interested in one of our collaborative network summits or strategic planning breakthroughs, then reach out.   We conduct online or in-person ideation sessions -  bringing diverse stakeholder groups together to solve, learn, and take action.    

Complex, Collaborative Problem-Solving and Strategy Formation Methodology:
the 4 C's

Clarify Purpose

We begin by clarifying the purpose of the network collaboration, the problem to solve, or the strategy to execute.  The purpose must be inspiring, specific, and actionable for the network / collaboration to rally behind.  

"If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem..."

- Albert Einstein

Convene the Right People

We gather the right people together to solve the problem:

  • who has the authority to act

  • who has the resources to make it happen

  • who has the expertise to solve issues

  • who has a stake in the outcome

  • who will nurture, support, and lead integration and develop community relationships 

Cultivate Trust

There is no greater impact on collaborative networks or strategic planning ideation processes than trust.

"Trust is the single most important ingredient of effective collaboration." - David Ehrlichman

We build high amounts of trust quickly by creating the capacity for authenticity and deeper connection.   This single factor is what separates Moksha from any other consultancy.  This is our speciality.     


Once plans are created, the next step is coordination and collaboration.   We help the network / leadership team coordinate, set accountabilities, and foster the environment for future collaboration and long-term success.   


Changes are integrated into operations, and learning after doing counsels are established to continuously improve and innovate.  

Model adapted from the Stanford Review | David Ehrlichman, David Sawyer & Matthew Spence

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