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Achieving Peak Performance: Legacy Series (III)

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Module Description:


The Peak Performance Legacy Series is designed for Legendary impact, world-shapers, and system changers, and represents the 3rd and final leg of the Peak Performance Series.   The Legacy Series is specifically designed for those that want to lead others to even better lives, more flow, more relationship harmony, and greater performance in all dimensions of life.    The Legacy Series involves a 1:1 coaching relationship with Moksha, participation in monthly peer-influencer counsels, and attendance of one of the annual Performance  Summit with Moksha.  The Peak Performance Legacy Series is an invite-only Series, requires a minimum 12 month coaching commitment, and finalizes in the completion of a Summit event (see schedule below) and certification from Moksha to lead High-Performance Flow Events for his/her organization or foundation group.   


Peak Performance Legacy Series Outcomes:

  • Certification to Teach Moksha High Performance Primer Series + Training Guide

  • Access to more intimate, regular coaching relationship with one of Moksha partner

  • Regular "spot" calls and state shift hacks, as needed during the 1-year mentorship program

  • Mentorship and Tribe support from the Elite Legacy Tribe and access to monthly support group calls  

  • Invitation to Attend Moksha Peak Performance Summit


Moksha Legacy Summit Dates 

  • 2021 Conference Dates are TBD due to travel restrictions and COVID 19 guidelines.

Legacy Series Investment: ​

  • Total Duration:  12 months 

  • No. of Sessions: 12 + Annual Retreat (5 days)

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