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Achieving Peak Performance: Professional Series (II)

Female Rock Climber

Module Description:


The Peak Performance Professional Series is the second series following the Primer Series.    The Peak Performance Series is designed to help create next level performance.   Those experiencing major shifts from the Primary Series usually want to go deeper, learn more flow-state triggers, and up-game their life even more.   The Professional Series is designed for elite athletes or high-potential leaders and consists of an 8-week intensive with a group of peer leaders / athletes as a support group to advance performance even higher.    Each week, participants will learn - experience - and practice together.   Journals will be kept to track increased momentum, greater experiences of immersion with life, and productivity outcomes as the series progresses.   The Peak Performance Professional Series is designed for participants that have successfully completed the Primary Series and have integrated practices into daily habits. 


Professional Series Outcomes:

  • Personal Wellbeing Plan with Practices designed for Life Situations

  • 1:1 Mentorship and Tribe support from other Peak Performance Program (2) participants 

  • Increased Life and Work Outcomes:  even more Energy.   even Greater Results.   

  • Renewal and Regeneration Plans.   

  • Advanced Practices for Flow State creation

Peak Performance Professional Series: ​

  • Total Duration:  8 weeks

  • No. of Sessions: 8

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