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Achieving Peak Performance: Primer Series (I)

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Module Description:


The Peak Performance Primer Series is an interactive training program designed to increase individual performance, productivity, and purpose.   The Primer series introduces a step-by-step approach based on research in neuroscience, flow states, and positive psychology to achieve breakthrough energy, creativity, and performance.  This training is designed as a Series: 1) Primer, 2) Professional 3) Coach.   


The Primer Series (1) offers an optimal balance of knowledge and practices to initiate those seekers into high-performance routines and habits to begin using high-performance techniques and beginning experimentation into high-impact Flow States.   These practices will be used day-in and day-out to get in the zone and stay there for longer periods of time.   Participants engaged in the Primer Series report significant increases in creativity, productivity, and joy.   


The Professional Series (2) is designed for elite athletes or high-potential leaders who choose to deepen into Peak Performance principles and rise to the next level.   The Professional Series consists of an 8-week intensive with a group of peer leaders / athletes as a support group to advance performance even higher.    This 8 week intensive is designed for participants that have successfully completed the Primary Series and have integrated practices into daily habits. 



The Legacy Series (3) is designed for Legendary impact, world-shapers, and system changers, and represents the 3rd and final leg of the Peak Performance Series.   The Legacy Series is specifically designed for those that want to lead others to even better lives, more flow, more relationship harmony, and greater performance in all dimensions of life.   The Legacy Series involves a 1:1 coaching relationship with Moksha, participation in monthly peer-influencer counsels, and attendance of one of the annual Performance  Summit with Moksha. 


Primer Series Outcomes:

  • Increased Energy

  • Increased Optimism and Hope

  • Renewal and Regeneration | Preparation for Higher Manifestation / Goal Achievement 

  • Greater Sense of Control over Life, more Resiliency, and Greater Feelings of Ease 

  • Increased Personal Performance 

  • Knowledge of Flow Triggers and Blockers

  • Personal Action Plan and Ritual (Kata) Practices for regular State Shifts and Performance Pattern Interrupts

  • (Secondary Benefit) More Relationship Harmony

Peak Performance Primer Investment: ​

  • Total Duration:  12 hours

  • No. of Sessions: 4 

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