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Optimizing Team Flow


Module Description:


A team is much greater than the sum of its people when there is trust, alignment, and harmony. This training teaches teams how to work better together to achieve a hive-mind, utilizing the latest in research in neuroscience and group flow states.


Teams are taught Peak Performance techniques from the Peak Performance Primer Series and learn practices together.   Teams are given proven practices to implement immediately and to increase team harmony, energy, morale, and performance.   Team Flow Sessions allow teams to increase synergy and trust and to achieve even higher performance through team activated Flow states and state shifts.   More, practicing together increases the sense of rapport and trust each team member has for his team.   Teams wire together and fire together; the Team Flow workshop leverages this basic rule to create collective level-ups, where each team member is capable of creating even more, performing even higher, and going further than what was assumed possible.  

Optimizing Team Flow Workshop Outcomes:

  • Learning High Performance Team Practices

  • Increased Trust, Fun, Play, and Rapport

  • Increased Team Performance 

  • Increased Team Synergy 

  • Increased Energy and Motivation to Go Further 


Investment: ​

  • Total Duration:  6 weeks

  • Number of Sessions: 6 sessions

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