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Elevating Nutrition For High Performance Teams

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Module Description:


Many leaders struggle with finding a balance that sustains personal energy, focus, mood, and stamina.  Even with extensive coaching, leaders can't perform at their best due to nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the gut biome.  

The field of integrative, nutritional psychiatry has realized the actual connection between our microbiome and our mental health outcomes, including depression and anxiety.   At work, meeting overload, travel, and extended work hours make it challenging to cook, prepare and choose healthy eating. When under prolonged stress, our bodies tend to crave quick fixes such as excessive sugar, carbs, and coffee that diminishes energy reserves and ends with a crash.

We lead culture transformation, which also includes nutrition.   An organization's high-carb comfort food access becomes an easy five-finger choice.  Over time, lack of nourishment depletes energy resources, increases inflammation, and affects overall wellbeing and performance in every area of life.  Inflammation is the underlying cause of most health conditions currently.  It is commonly understood that inflammation inside shows up in our outside environment and has a reciprocal and reinforcing relationship.

Making positive changes in health is much easier when we have fluid access to healthy nutritional options and are joined by our peers.  It is much easier to prevent serious illness than recover from it. 

Elevating Nutrition For High Performance Teams

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Mindful and healthy lifestyle practices.

  • Research on mindful eating, reducing inflammation and how to build a healthy microbiome for improved focus and outcomes. 

  • Dr. Anu French's personal journey to wellness through nutrition. 

  • Optimal eating plans and how to choose one that works for you.

  • Strategies to use nutrition at the team level for optimal individual and team performance.  


Investment: ​

  • Total Duration: 4 hrs

  • No. of Sessions: 2

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