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Meditation and Mindfulness: Introduction for Leaders and Teams

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Zen Garden
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Module Description:


Mindfulness is the quality of being fully present and engaged in whatever we’re doing in the now, free from auto-pilot and distractions, aware of our thoughts and feelings without judgment.  We develop this accepting awareness through the foundation of meditation, which allows us to carry the quality of mindfulness into our daily life.  As we learn to witness thoughts and emotions without judgment, we increase our ability to choose peace over being held captive by a thought, and awareness of our wellbeing over fear of the uncertain future.


Studies have confirmed that meditation directly counteracts stress and burnout, boosts memory, and curbs emotional reactions leading to improved focus and improved relationships, professional and personal.  Furthermore, evidence suggests that leaders who implement short mindfulness moments within their team create an environment where all members are  collectively aware of the team’s objectives, tasks, roles, and dynamics. Communication is improved as team members feel less stress and emotional reactions, and more connection and resiliency.


In addition, research shows that mindfulness and meditation training helps keep our brains healthy as we age, and may lead to volume changes in key areas of the brain, reducing anxiety  and enhancing concentration and attention.  Meditation attunes us to the inner peacefulness that is always there beneath our active thoughts. enabling us to make meaningful changes.  We can learn to pay attention to our body’s signals and begin living with greater health and ease, professionally and personally.

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Workshop Outcomes For Teams & Leaders:

  • Guided relaxation, types of meditations, and breathing techniques to calm body and mind

  • A silent meditation practice with easy-to-learn instruction

  • Mindfulness techniques for daily practice

  • Three mindfulness anchors for individuals and within teams

  • Knowledge of the physical, emotional, and mental health benefits of these practices


Training Format:

  • Total Duration:  6 hours

  • No. of Sessions: 3-6

Nancy Straatmann, LPC (workshop lead) studied with Dr. Deepak Chopra and is affiliated with the Chopra Center as an instructor of Meditation and Mindfulness.  As a Transformational Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor, Nancy is committed to empowering individuals and teams to reach their highest potential.  She is dedicated in her daily meditation and mindfulness practices, grateful for the renewed ease and joy in her life along with increased professional and personal success.

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