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Lourdes Gonazele Campbell

Spanish Interpretter

Lourdes  has partnered with the Moksha Institute for over 7 years providing the highest qulaity nterpreting and translation services.   She excels in interpreting during interviews, coaching session, during emotional team discussions offering accurate tone and rate of speech.   She provides simutanious translation during moksha offsites and webinars.   Lourdes also provides accurate translation and voiceover recording to  Spanish speaking leaders and teams that we work with throughout the globe..   

Lourdes has operated a language agency for the last 20 years in California, and is a conference and court interpreter licensed by the Judicial Council of the State of California. Her work has included traveling to interpret for business, medical and educational conferences around the world. These assignments have taken her from Spain to Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alaska, Canada, Peru and throughout the United States. In 2018 she was named a Woman of the Year by California State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, for her work interpreting for victims of the disastrous Thomas Fire. Her work involved interpreting during town hall meetings, as well as for many conferences sponsored by departments of Behavioral Health, the Red Cross, the Sheriff's Department, and the Fire Department from various municipalities throughout California. Subjects covered included mindfulness training, resilience in time of disaster, anatomy of fires, and many others.


Other achievements have included interpreting, and translating documents regarding: The census, especially in hard-to-count communities. Victims of trafficking and trauma. Victims of domestic violence. The ABCs of mental health. Covid education and research.

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