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Independent 3rd Party Research on Moksha Impact:


45% increase: engagement 

48% increase: leadership effectiveness 

37% increase: performance 

35% increase: retention 

41% increase: momentum

Testimonials of Our Impact

soctt komar image.jpeg


SVP, R&D, Driscoll's Berries 

Thank you!!  Your time with our R&D leadership team was SO positive and impactful.  You are both so talented, and such a great complement to each other. Yesterday in the morning, when I first checked in with the team to get their thoughts about the past two days, everyone was overwhelmingly positive about the time and experience together.  Even better, our time spent together on Thursday was significantly different from prior meetings … in a very positive and productive way.   I really appreciate what you’ve imparted on us and look forward to catching up in the near future to discuss additional steps later this year.

soren bjorn image.jpeg


President, Driscoll's

I was the most skeptical person in the room.  But, I had heard such great things.  So, I decided to take my team through 2 days with Ryan and Sheila. The experience was so impactful, we decided to cascade their work throughout all of our U.S. and Mexico leadership teams.  Never in my entire career as a leader have I had more  people come into my office to personally ‘thank me’.  

elizabeth tucker.jpeg


CEO, Alive Media 

The Moksha Group is doing amazing work.  Last year we partnered with the Moksha Group to lead our annual team development offsite.     

The offsite experience was amazing, but since the retreat I've noticed changes.  Ryan's support was incredible,  The team has been more respectful with each other and more upbeat when approaching work, and I can see how it will ultimately help our bottom-line.   Mood has shifted.   Energy has shifted.  I feel like we are now set up to work together - as one - with confidence, accountability, camaraderie, and a shared purpose.



Award Winning Physician

We were honored to have Sheila teach at our Heart and Soul Of Medicine Retreat.  Sheila guided us through an immersion experience, complete with mindful movement, Chi Gong, self-care tools, and how to self-regulate to stop Physician Burnout. Her session was well received and the feedback from our participants was very positive.


Sheila has an innate ability to empower her clients to restore their health, maintain balance and connect with their own internal wisdom. Her years of experience with social activism, the healing arts, community outreach, wellness and her intuitive compassion and consciousness make her a wonderful communicator and educator. 

Screenshot 2021-07-26 at 5.10.59 PM.jpeg

Jimmy Klick, Ph.D.

Global Entmology Research Leader

 Moksha has healed relationships across our corporate departments and provided me with leadership coaching skills that I rely on daily at work and at home.  After the interviews and team intensives we worked extensively with Sheila Pride for team coaching. She eloquently addressed difficult relationships, including encouraging people to think and speak from the heart. Sheila created deeper connection, positivity and communication across departments. She has taught me techniques to minimize stress and communicate effectively. I am more emotionally in tune with my self and able to better navigate challenges. When I do find myself struggling in life, she is always there for me and able to quickly heal. Sheila has an incredible soul and is full of kindness, love, compassion and knowledge. I wish for everyone to experience the generosity and authenticity of Moksha.  




Sheila is a masterful teacher, mentor, and ally.  I have personally benefited SO much from having her in my life.  She brings a great depth of study, practice, and commitment to her healing work.  She weaves in many modalities that all have their purpose and have all been highly useful tools for me in my own transformation and healing.  As a teacher and coach she will guide you fiercely, lovingly, compassionately, and loyally.  I'm so grateful for the work we've done together!



Director of NextGen Breeding

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic started, I was in a new role with several new team members hired during quarantine and was looking for a way to better connect with my team and help them connect to each other. After performing personalized interviews with myself and everyone in the team, Sheila and Ryan led us through several weekly virtual workshops where they tailored their training to our needs, helping us  develop improved empathy, active listening and communication. It was a true inflection point in the development of a new team that was physically remote, and I believe everyone’s EQ raised a few points from those workshops. We still reminisce on the accelerated team building those workshops provided and refer back to our “Moksha training” when facing new challenges. 

Jennybroome 2_edited.jpg


Director of Plant Health

I was very impressed and personally and professionally transformed through the coaching work I did with Sheila.  As a woman scientist working in a male dominated professional environment, she helped me understand this environment better and learn how to thrive and succeed in it through improved self-knowledge and better access to my emotional intelligence.   


I would recommend working with Sheila to anyone wanting to gain deeper understanding of the social environment and community where they work so as to help their company or organization succeed as well as help themselves grow and increase their impact. 

julie longyear image.jpeg


CEO, Blissoma 

Moksha changed my business.  They have something remarkable.  They share knowledge about difficult and complex subjects from a very relatable place.  They provided practices that are increasing our resilience, happiness, relationships, and more.  You always know they are teaching from a very real place.  This is not just a recitation of self- help tips: it is full, body-mind engagement.  Our results have dramatically improved, and I am so grateful! ​  



CEO, Bass-Mollett

Ryan led my Executive Team through an intensive team-building process.  During our sessions, we experienced a full range of emotions and experiences that were transforming. No stone was left unturned.  Coming face-to-face with the reality that we ultimately create the outcomes we seek and the culture we want to have, we have since developed into a solid, high-performing, and accountable leadership team.   Moksha  helped to transformed our team and our company,.   The work that they are doing is unlike anything you have experienced before and will change your life.

Robbin Kiddder.jpg


Director, Barnes Jewish Healthcare

“Are you feeling tired at work?  Does your team need more energy, productivity, motivation all while improving their balance?  Barnes had our first experience with Moksha who left us feeling just that: motivated, ready to take on whatever comes our way and full of positivity.  


Ryan is down to earth, while making you think about your own personal views, work relationships, home relationships, and how important it is to treat yourself as special as you are, so that you can treat others with the same respect and care they deserve, which then allows for the most productive and satisfied people possible.”

Attractive Mature Woman


SVP, Operations, BJC Healthcare

“Ryan was the keynote presenter for our annual leadership meeting at BJC Healthcare.  Ryan's presentation transformed my perspective about wellbeing and opened my eyes to new ways to build support for wellbeing at work, home and community. The connection I felt with the 600+ BJC Healthcare leaders while listening to the Ryan's keynote presentation was completely astounding. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 6.31.46 PM.png


VP of Plant Health 

Sheila is a wonderful coach and facilitator.   She helped me and my team work through baggage and emerge as a high functioning group.   She does this by bringing everyone along and I was particularly impressed with the results of her providing individual support and coaching to team members at different stages of their career.   Sheila drives for results, shows empathy and care, and brings out the best in her clients.   I intend to work with Sheila again in the future for both individual and team coaching. 



Executive Director, Great Mountain Forest

I wanted to thank you for the gift that you have given me through your teachings, it has been a transformational experience. I might be the same person but I see the world and myself with a different lens. Over the last few days I have been thinking why I feel this way and why you have been so effective. You teach with integrity and kindness and that is most powerful. For many years I have done leadership training, practiced yoga, tried meditation, read about Buddhism, self improvement and nothing has been as effective as just the first two days with the two of you. One revelation was that I mostly learn through scientific data (it shouldn’t have been a surprise), the focus on neuroscience and psychology was key for me to be open to understand emotions and behaviors associated with them and how I can change, and grow and transform myself. I have felt an inner connection that I hadn’t felt in years and you have given me tools to keep that connection alive.  I already told you that you have been a point of light in my path though life and I am forever grateful to have met you both.



Test Plot Manager

Coaching sessions have been transformative in how I approach my work.  When I first took on this position, I felt as if I had been dropped into a burning whirlpool.  Sheila helped me to break down the aspects of change management that I needed to undertake, so that I could successfully address the needs of those I worked with....  She immediately built a level of confidence with team members that prompted them to be open with her.  She worked with me individually to understand the team’s dynamics and to use that understanding to build a culture that was open and brought my team to trust in me... 

Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 7.12.24 PM.png

Tom Cullen, CIO

Chief Operations Officer

Shiela and the Moksha group's process & methodology enables teams to quickly expose and address issues with team culture, norms, behaviors, and personalities in a very supportive manner. But their secret sauce is their ability to navigate, encourage and support the required level of vulnerability to enable the team to safely unpack what is working and what is not while addressing conflict, fear, and accountability on the path to improvement. Through their process and our leadership team's commitment to change, we went from one of the lowest-performing teams in the company on our annual engagement survey to one of the highest in less than a year. Scores aside, the biggest benefit was the personal growth of every team member involved in addition to a major improvement in the level of shared accountability, trust, and positive team culture. Simply put, we all became better people and a better team which resulted in greatly improved team alignment, communication, shared accountability, results and overall engagement.

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