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Activating the Heart of Teams

Wellness Coach

Module Description:


Teams neuro-wire together.  With time and memory, sub-optimal baselines can become established.  These patterns are often sticky, unconscious, and remain in the team as collective norms even after transitions occur.

This multi-layered raining is designed to help intact and cross-functional teams move from discord to harmony.  It can be used to catapult a new team into optimal ways of operating and greater success. 

We are certified in HeartMath(C)  allowing us to combine Moksha training with real-time bio-feedback using heart-rate variability (HRV) data.  This cutting edge breakthrough in science allows us to teach resilience and renewal techniques that improve HRV and group synergy in real time.  By fusing neuroscience, leadership science, and self- regulation techniques, the level of change we can create is unparalleled.  In real time, we transmute negative states into insight moments.  

Our clients report significant increases in trust, energy, optimism, joy, enhanced collective intelligence, more accurate decision making and sustained change.   


Our outcomes using this science + practice approach have been simply amazing. 

Bonus:  Many leaders come to us following and report they share these same strategies with their families to create more harmony at home.   And, we LOVE that!  

The Activating the Heart of Teams

Workshop Outcomes:

Teams learn how to sustain positive feeling states, grow their capacity and courage, and in so doing, increase their performance, connectivity to others, and even their own health outcomes.   


Teams learn to  integrate coherence practices into one-on-one coaching sessions and meetings.  Through using biofeedback tools, leaders and team can get real time feed back and adjust in the moment..  Teams learn to  shift ineffective communication, take coherence breaks, prep, and recover.


Investment: ​

  • Total Duration:  16 hours

  • In person or webinars

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