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Coaching the Team


Rarely is it one person or one team that holds all the power to achieve results.  When working within teams, especially cross-functional groups,  misunderstandings, unresolved conflicts, white elephants, power dynamics, and ego trips prevent actualization and lead to burnout.


At Moksha, we hold sacred space, we listen deeply, ask the questions and facilitate empathetic, honest and healing conversations.  We coach the key leaders in each function that need to transform for the greater good of the team.  We also have fun while we do it! 

Together with organizational leaders, we  transform the historical out-grouping pattern of the unconscious psych that creates separation. We create a new baseline built on trust fueled by meaningful experiences.  Teams that depend on one another find harmony by creating a catalytic mindset that occurs by seeing the interconnections and value of each role and function.  Teams embed practices that improve conscious communication, celebrate growth minded feedback, share recognition and celebrate what they achieve together.  



Joel Kniskern
Next Gen Breeding

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic started, I was in a new role with several new team members hired during quarantine and was looking for a way to better connect with my team and help them connect to each other. After performing personalized interviews with myself and everyone in the team, Sheila and Ryan led us through several weekly virtual workshops where they tailored their training to our needs, helping us  develop improved empathy, active listening and communication. It was a true inflection point in the development of a new team that was physically remote, and I believe everyone’s EQ raised a few points from those workshops. We still reminisce on the accelerated team building those workshops provided and refer back to our “Moksha training” when facing new challenges. 

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Jimmy Klick, Ph.D.
Research Scientist & Leader

  Moksha has healed relationships across our corporate departments and provided me with leadership coaching skills that I rely on daily at work and at home.  After the interviews and team intensives we worked extensively with Sheila Pride for team coaching. She eloquently addressed difficult relationships, including encouraging people to think and speak from the heart. Sheila created deeper connection, positivity and communication across departments. She has taught me techniques to minimize stress and communicate effectively. I am more emotionally in tune with my self and able to better navigate challenges. When I do find myself struggling in life, she is always there for me and able to quickly heal. Sheila has an incredible soul and is full of kindness, love, compassion and knowledge. I wish for everyone to experience the generosity and authenticity of Moksha.  


Brian Corrier
Test Plot Manager

Coaching sessions with Sheila have been transformative in how I approach my work. I manage a complex agricultural research facility...that is part of one of the world’s largest produce companies. When I first took on this position, I felt as if I had been dropped into a burning whirlpool. The facility itself was in poor condition, but more concerning was that a reservoir of mistrust and anger had built up over the years prior to my joining the company. In the two years before I was hired, three general managers had been dismissed. The researchers and staff had lost all patience and were primed to find fault...


Sheila helped me to break down the aspects of change management that I needed to undertake, so that I could successfully address the needs of those I worked with.... Sheila’s insights into how colleagues interacted with my departments helped me to improve my communications with them and to build a level of trust that has proven to hold over time. Within my own team, she worked with me to understand the interpersonal dynamics that were going on and to break the relationship triangles that were feeding a toxic culture of mistrust and blame... 


She immediately built a level of confidence with team members that prompted them to be open with her. She worked with me individually to understand the team’s dynamics and to use that understanding to build a culture that was open and brought my team to trust in me... 


Through individual and group coaching sessions as well and many texts and emails, Sheila helped to “translate” between [my new manager and I] as she worked to help us to better communicate directly. This has allowed us to build a positive, trusting relationship. Sheila continues to help me “manage up” as I constantly work to keep executive level leadership informed of the successes and needs of the facility I lead.

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