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The Art and Science of Giving and Receiving Feedback

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Module Description:


Giving and receiving effective feedback is key to an individual or team's growth and success, yet most organizations consistently struggle.  Some high-potential leaders never rise to the highest level because their leaders and colleagues lacked the confidence and skill to give needed coaching at the time.  Yet, the opposite is also true; leaders once plagued with a reputation of being difficult to work with can rise to be industry leaders and influencers when gifted with honest feedback and communication coaching.


Feedback is undoubtedly tricky to navigate because it inherently pits two basic human needs against each other: (1) the desire to improve and be loved and (2) accepted as we are.   Balanced compassionate feedback is crucial; knowing when to use appreciation, coaching and evaluation are critical to healthy relationships in general.

We are often afraid to ask for feedback, because it hurts to hear we made a significant mistake or hurt others.  It triggers the avoid pain-seek pleasure circuitry in our brains.  Yet, if we can see feedback as a gift, we can grow, build relationships, reduce shame, improve trust, adapt our style to be more effective, and create momentum. 

Effective feedback enables honest and direct conversations about mistakes ensuring team growth, disrupting triangulation, avoidance, gossip, and occasional blow-ups that drain personal and team energy.

The Art and Science of Feedback

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Understand how the human brain reacts to feedback based on biological differences

  • Use impact statements and non-violent communication when addressing sub-optimal behaviors

  • Receive feedback well and change patterns of defensiveness or shutdown

  • Ask for feedback and coaching regularly and reflect an understanding

  • Set limits on too much or unhelpful feedback when it feels misguided

  • Prepare for feedback conversations and create engagement in the process.

  • Integrate empowering feedback practices into one-on-one conversations, meetings, and quarterly growth sessions.  

  • Give in-the-moment feedback and recognition of change for growth and sustained change.


Training Format: 

  • Total Duration:  8 hours

  • No. of Sessions: 3

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