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Thu, Jun 08


Zoom Details to be Sent via Email

HeartMath Self/Co-Regulation for Home and Work

Workshop Series Beginning May 11. Register Below.

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HeartMath Self/Co-Regulation for Home and Work
HeartMath Self/Co-Regulation for Home and Work

Time & Location

Jun 08, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Zoom Details to be Sent via Email

About the event

Join in on learning the amazing science and practices of HeartMath on Thursday evenings.

Heartmath practices are being taught worldwide to doctors, social workers, police officers, counselors, military personnel, pastors, activists, trauma survivors, corporate teams, empaths, therapists, teachers, parents, children, and more.

Together, we will learn the steps to create personal coherence: a state where the mind and heart are in sync, creating optimal health and well-being.

We will focus on self-regulation based on your Heart Rate Variability and methods to create improved group coherence. We will see/feel how our heart rate variability aligns and shifts with group practice.

Many of us often fall victim to the automatic nervous system responses that create negative thought loops. Negative thought loops are not benign. They can have a whole system take over filling our bodies with sustained stress hormones and negatively impacting our health and happiness.

It is empowering to know "how to shift," re-occurring depleting thoughts and associated feelings in the moment.

Once you learn Heartmath practices, it will be important to teach your kids, family, colleagues, and community. The world needs it!

You may like many feel so passionate that you choose to get certified and spread this work globally.

We know now that behavior changes are rarely sustained if we don't change the actual heart rate rhythm associated with our memory and interactions with others.

Creating a coherent heart rhythm is key to creating sustained change, period. We also know that if there is one person on a team or in a family system that is chronically dysregulated it is almost impossible to harmonize that team or family system. We can help each other, yet we all must do our part.

Our body has a homeostatic system memory, like an internal thermostat that gets set at a certain set point. This is based on past experiences with situations and the people in our lives. Even if the baseline is suboptimal, the body works to maintain it unless we learn to intervene.

We can literally walk into the room and notice our heart rate and respiration patterns change instantaneously when faced with painful situations, unresolved conflicts, difficult people, and real or perceived threats. In these moments, we produce over 1400 depleting neurochemicals that impact our well-being.

Studies show that chronic stress depletes muscle mass, reduces cognitive function, increases inflammation, accelerates aging, depresses the immune system, and more.

Heartmath teaches practices that can shift this hormonal cocktail to producing 1400 positive life-sustaining biochemicals, including DHEA.

The practices are simple and meant to be used in the moment.

Practices are eyes open, with awareness in the heart, used in daily life activities, and also when stress arises in the body.

Committed practitioners can use the tools to dissolve intense feelings around situations or memories to create more internal freedom and harmony.

Most practices are 2-7 minutes and eventually become part of your everyday life and automatic habits that raise your baseline.

In this course, you will:

Learn the neuroscience behind heart math principles and techniques!

Understand how to use the 4-quadrant grid and spot-check throughout the day.

How to shift depleting stubborn emotions to a more neutral or uplifting emotional state that allows for improved cognitive functioning.

Understand coherence and how to achieve it individually and with others.

Learn how to use biofeedback tools to measure HRV, increase HRV flexibility and connect with others globally in practice.

Learn 6 core self-regulation techniques. Have practice opportunities to prep for and recover from challenging situations.

Practice for cutting through strong memories and emotionally charged situations.

Participate in weekly journaling and practice sessions in between classes via a closed Facebook group.

Practice teaching techniques with one another in breakout sessions.

Use Heartmath to help support post-traumatic growth and thriving and learn a trauma-informed approach to the practice.

Learn Coherent Communications practices to improve conversations with others.

Apply weekly with colleagues, friends, and family

An added bonus is that you will join other Heartmath Practitioners in creating more community coherence from previous classes through pop-up sessions led by previous participants.

Please work to attend each week to develop a habit and new baseline.

Short daily practice will enable success in changing baselines. After signing up on Venmo, I will send you an invite on Facebook to a closed group; there, you will see links for handouts, zoom links, biofeedback tools, and more.

The class is limited to 35 people. Please register early so the prework can begin.

If you are interested in purchasing biofeedback training tools at my cost, reach out directly. The Inner Balance Biofeedback Tool can be helpful but not required.

Lastly, I do not currently plan to record the classes due to the confidentiality of sharing in the class. However, I will post weekly reminders of techniques on our Facebook group page.

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