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Dan Marston
Senior Partner

Dan is a passionate leader that thrives at activating people’s highest level of personal capacity— spanning mind, body, and spirit. He is a peak performance coach, facilitator, and transformational immersion leader.


His approach in culture shaping and coaching is a combination of peak performance training, cutting edge neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and flow research. He weaves these influences into impactful experiences to cultivate new levels of capacity, performance, purpose, and connection within individuals and groups. 


Dan’s professional background started as a mechanical engineer, which strengthened his ability to solve complex problems and create optimal outcomes, but his love for people and entrepreneurship quickly took him out of engineering and into a leadership role on an innovation team within a Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley. Within this role he helped shape the working environments of some of the biggest tech companies on the planet while fostering the mindfulness community and the innovation incubation team within the organization. 


Dan chose to transition his focus from his prior company to Moksha where he can make an even greater impact across multiple organizations to foster heart-led leadership, culture innovation, and purpose-driven engagement. 


Dan has been certified as a guide in Leadership Development by the Flow Genome Project, has trained with Tony Robbins,  Dr. Joe Dispenza, and has a backcountry Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification. Dan's favorite setting for leadership development is in the wilderness backcountry where conditions can be volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous because that is where adaptive leadership is really put to the test and leaders can grow at an accelerated pace. 


Dan's greatest joys outside of his work at Moksha include traveling to foreign lands to learn from other cultures, adventuring deep into the wilderness in pursuit of awe, and exploring the frontiers of flow state.


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