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Harness Untapped Potential 

The most renewable resource in the world is the human spirit, but it is also the single most untapped competitive advantage.   More than 80% of Americans dread going to work.  We change that.   


We partner with organizations to create high performance cultures by igniting and "waking up" the human spirit - creating more inspiring leaders, deeply connected teams, and people that are energized and alive for their life and work.   

We create engagement from the inside-out.   

Culture Shaping Methodology


We begin culture initiatives with our culture audit - quantitative and qualitative assessments measuring the strengths and opportunities of the existing culture and executive leadership team. 

Strategy Roadmap

We partner with the executive team to co-design a culture strategy roadmap and implementation plan, including key outcomes for success and change management strategies.

Create Critical Mass Shift

We partner with leaders throughout the organization to lead transformation experiences curated specifically for the culture outcomes desired.  Immersions are designed to catalyze change quickly, increasing alignment, trust, and momentum.  

Integrate and Stabilize

We integrate insights and new operating principles into existing People platforms, measure impact success, and develop plans for continued expansion and growth.


Transformation - by Design


Why does our methodology work?  


We understand that Culture is an incredibly unique and powerful psychological construct. Culture guides both mindset and behavior, but is unseen and invisible.   This is why many claim to be culture agents, but their solutions do not work long-term. Why?  External solutions are applied to an internal problem.  We vibe together when we thrive together.


Culture-shaping requires deep scientific knowledge of social and neuro-networks, and the skillful art of creating change from the inside-out: as inspiration, rather than ultimatum.  This is why we apply the best of what we've learned from cutting-edge brain science with the timeless teachings of wisdom traditions to create stable transformation that is chosen, not forced.  


These shifts often result in more mindful, more compassionate, and more heart-open leaders capable of leading from a steady, centered state of wisdom, positivity, and kindness.  

5 Core Fundamentals of Culture Work

#1: Culture Matters as Much as Strategy


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” – Peter Drucker


Culture is the most under-leveraged competitive advantage in the modern economy.  It accounts for over 50% of differences in operating profit from company-to-company; studies have shown that companies with great cultures have 700x net income growth compared to those that don't.  Culture is the vital life force of your company, the energetic currency of all initiatives, and the chief moderator of execution potential.

Marketing team meeting

#2: Thriving Leaders create Thriving Cultures


“Culture is a shadow of leadership.”

- Larry Senn


Research confirms the origin of culture is modeled leadership behavior over time.   High performance cultures arise because of conscious, mindful leaders who are capable of purposeful leadership.   


The most significant liability to creating a high-performance organization is unconscious leadership behavior.   Thriving leaders accelerate higher performing teams, and higher performing teams change organizations.

Quick Sync

#3: Practices Are Required 


Unfortunately, many of us are exhausted, depressed, and  disconnected.  Biology is to blame.  Our brain hasn't changed in 200,000 years, but our world now has iPhones.  The Brain is wired to have a 5x negativity bias, (requiring  5 positives to offset 1 negative). 


The same mind that created the problem cannot be the one that fixes it.   

Creating a thriving culture requires an update to the human operating system.   Culture change requires personal transformation at its core.  By embedding practices, we ensure that new insights don't fade in the typical "retreat experience."


#4: Positivity  = Performance


Joy isn't just a nice thing to have, it's an essential competitive lever.  Happiness increases brain performance by as 30-40%.  Every success category we've measured from intelligence to creative problem-solving increases significantly when we are grateful, joyful, or positive.     


Our interventions help people experience more joy and positivity, enjoy healthier and more connected relationships, and feel more gratitude in life.


#5: We Connect More to People than Information 


The #1 predictor of work satisfaction is “I have a friend at work,” and #2 is “my boss cares about me as a human being.”


Engagement is more about how we connect to others than how we connect to our employment brand.  Only 35% of employees feel connected to mission, vision, and value campains.   


Life is measured by the quality of our relationships.  We help organizations create connected, aligned, trusting communities at work.  


Interested in shifting the culture of your organization, function, or team?  


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