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Sheila Pride
CEO, Co-Founder

Sheila R. Pride, LCSW, RYT, LMT, is the distinguished CEO of the Moksha Group and a speaker / change agent in business consulting and transformative coaching. With a deep background in social work and trauma recovery spanning over 20 years, Sheila seamlessly integrates neuroscience with compassion, employing contemplative practices to inspire profound change in leaders, teams, and organizations across the nation.

Her expertise is not confined to traditional therapeutic techniques; Sheila is also an adept practitioner of energy sciences including yoga, chi-gong, Heart-Math, IMAGO, somatic therapies, and biofeedback, making her a uniquely holistic consultant. Her work primarily focuses on guiding high-conflict or conflict-avoidant teams towards effective communication and resolution strategies, enhancing empathy and feedback capabilities among leadership.

Before her entrepreneurial journey with the Moksha Institute, Sheila was an esteemed academic, contributing her knowledge and skills at Washington University, St. Louis University, and the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Her academic work paved the way for her to develop international training curricula, which she has been implemented in numerous settings including corporations, advocacy groups, state coalitions, hospitals, and human rights task forces. With a decade of experience dealing with domestic violence, trauma, sexual assault, and community empowerment, Sheila’s efforts extend beyond professional settings into her community work.

Sheila is an active supporter of various causes, including local community empowerment where she teaches yoga, self-regulation, and somatic therapies. She is also involved with All Our Relations, a network of diverse women dedicated to bringing harmony and healing to communities and the planet. Her dedication extends to promoting conscious companies, environmental conservation, and human rights.


Sheila incorporates the deepest teachings of yoga science, shamanic studies, mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Restructuring, and Gestalt Therapy into her work. Her approach is designed not just to awaken the hearts and souls of leaders and organizations but to foster an internal environment of steadiness, discernment, and joy that resonates throughout their professional and personal lives.

Sheila’s life is a blend of her rural roots and vibrant urban existence. A lover of nature, horses, and dance, she relishes her personal time engaging in activities that reflect her passions. She enjoys the rhythm of the djembe and finds solace in the beauty of dark chocolate and the dance floor. As a devoted partner and mother of three amazing children, Sheila embodies the balance and integration she strives to instill in others through her professional endeavors.

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