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Ryan Pride, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and Chairman

Dr. Ryan Pride is a pioneer in the integration of culture, happiness, and flow states to optimize human potential and transform workplaces. As the former Chief People and Operations Officer at Real Vision and the Founder/Chairman of the Moksha Group, he has dedicated his career to making the human experience better by revolutionizing workplace dynamics.


His consultancy, Moksha Group, is known globally for its profit-for-purpose mission, focusing on strategy, culture, and employee engagement to refuel companies and create cultures where people thrive.

An Organizational Psychologist and a seeker of wisdom from life, philosophy, and mindfulness, Ryan blends Eastern and Western traditions to foster growth and systemic alignment in organizations. He is a sought-after speaker on Human Optimization, Employee Wellbeing, and the Power of Optimism, and coaches leaders to heal wholly, acknowledging that personal life directly influences professional effectiveness.

Despite his accomplishments, Ryan remains grounded as a father of three, continually learning and leading with heart. His mission is to serve the world with love and leverage his expertise to help others achieve sustainable growth and genuine happiness.

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