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Bryan Wagner, M.S.
Senior Consultant

Bryan Wagner is a former CEO and owner of several Health Services organizations.  After leading these companies for more than 17 years, Bryan sold his businesses (retired) and is now leading team transformations with Moksha.   Bryan is also one of our top coaches for leaders wanting to transform their lives, increase their energy, and heal their bodies.  


Bryan is an incredible change agent bringing years of experience and a multitude of modalities to catalyze change for teams.   Bryan is a lead trainer for Moksha, specializing in team transformation through the realization of human potential.   


Bryan is certified in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and many other Eastern Healing arts.  He is a certified facilitator in "The Work" of Byron Katie, which is a powerful process of inquiry that frees individuals from their stressful and limiting beliefs. 


Bryan is a gifted facilitator known for his compassion and insight.  He works with people individually and in groups.   One of the things that Bryan most likes about facilitating people is seeing them shift into another way of being in the world.  He is always amazed at how impactful this work can be.  Old resentments and limited ways of relating to others fall away and people find that they begin to approach difficult situations with a more open and generous heart.  They don't have to drop their stressful thinking.  They inquire into it and their stressful thinking drops them.   

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