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Dr. Anu French, MD
Senior Consultant

Dr French is an artist, musician, yogini, author and integrative pediatrician, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, double board-certified in Pediatrics and Integrative Medicine, with fellowship training in Integrative Medicine and Integrative Psychiatry.


With special interest in integrative nutrition, health care equity, childhood mental health and intergenerational resilience, she serves on professional and policy advisory boards of Integrative Medicine for the Underserved, Let’s Integrate and WholeHealthED.

In clinical practice for 25 years,  she melds her passion to provide accessible integrative pediatric care with craftivism through her affirmative art series, her meditative music and global advocacy at her office in St Louis, MO.  She has researched and published on the topics of nutrition, yoga, art and resilience and has taught mindfulness, food as medicine and sound healing workshops to corporation, medical, dietetic and yoga students, pediatric and psychiatry residents and Montessori educators.

Having found balance through the healing arts after professional and personal burnout, Dr French offers integrative resources she hopes will be helpful through her website and her Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram pages.  Her choice of meditation is walking her backyard labyrinth, being a mindful partner to her beloved and a mindful parent to her two precious daughters and her two wayward dogs.

Through the Moksha Institute, Dr. French offers webinars and leadership coaching sessions on integrative health and nutrition. 


Click here to find her webinar offering.

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