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Empowering Accountability   Through Neuroscience

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Module Description:


Surprisingly, the underpinning of accountability is compassion.  With compassion, it becomes natural to admit mistakes and learn from them.  We can separate our failures from our inherent self worth.  We can take responsibility, admit fault, and make change. More importantly, a compassionate-growth culture leads to an accountable culture.  


Accountability is the key to creation, growth, change, healthy relationships and team dynamics.  Without it, teams aren't as productive, workload imbalances occur, and frustration builds.


Accountability modeled the wrong way demoralizes a team - killing the innovative spirit.  It can create tension, distrust, turnover, and backlash.  


When there is a culture of growth-mindedness with compassion, accountability becomes second nature. 

We are able to step out of disempowerment triangles, own our mistakes, share them openly, and get better. 


Compassionate-mindset helps leaders and teams through difficult times (layoffs, terminations, and uncomfortable change). 

Empowering Accountability Through Neuroscience

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Understand accountability from a brain-wiring perspective

  • Employ growth mindset principles into teaming

  • Use language that encourages accountability in self and team

  • Become aware of accountability leaks and build trust

  • Create a compassionate mindset through evidence-based practices.

  • Access intuition and internal guidance when mistakes are made

  • Employ meeting strategies to increase accountability and trust

  • Recognize and step out of disempowerment triangles, and into the empowerment triangle framework

  • Repair quickly and Restore when mistakes are made


Investment: ​

  • Total Duration:  6 hrs

  • No. of Sessions: 2

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