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We are culture architects.  

We help you create even higher performance through the power of culture.  


What We Do


We lead breakthrough culture-shaping immersions, creating sustainable high performance and more energized people who are connected and aligned with strategy.



We provide transformational coaching - including comprehensive  assessments - to leaders wanting to improve their life, relationships, and to create even higher performance.



We lead transformational team experiences and retreats with intact and cross-functional teams to create more conscious, aligned, and collaborative networks.  



We help organizations    improve outcomes by organizing groups 

together to solve complicated problems.  We also lead innovation + design retreats to facilitate strategic breakthroughs.  


(mok - sha), sanskritto be awake.


Our results demonstrate the power and potential of people feeling alive, inspired, and connected

Our Results 


Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 1.48.34 PM.png

Sara Stock
CEO, Stock Legal Law Firm

Moksha helped our team to really connect with each other on a deep, authentic and vulnerable level, and we left with a newfound love and respect for each other. They had 1:1 conversations with every member of the team and provided a clear executive team feedback  report with spot on coaching. We were taught techniques to calm our nervous systems prior to and during conversations to ensure that crucial conversations did not escalate. We processed issues together in a way that led to solutions instead of more conflict/repressed anger/resentment. We did it with kindness, compassion, and even some humor!  All of this culminated with a retreat, where many of the skills that we had worked on with the leadership team were taught to all of the Stock Legal employees.  We responded to feedback, which allowed us to implement processes and programs that the team wanted, but was not ready to ask for directly. We are looking forward to our next session with them.

soctt komar image_edited.jpg

Scott Komar

Thank you!!  Your time with our R&D leadership team was SO positive and impactful.  You are both so talented, and such a great complement to each other. Yesterday in the morning, when I first checked in with the team to get their thoughts about the past two days, everyone was overwhelmingly positive about the time and experience together.  Even better, our time spent together on Thursday was significantly different from prior meetings … in a very positive and productive way.   I really appreciate what you’ve imparted on us and look forward to catching up in the near future to discuss additional steps later this year.

julie longyear image_edited.jpg

Julie Longyear
CEO, Blissoma

Moksha changed my business.  They have something remarkable.  They share knowledge about difficult and complex subjects from a very relatable place.  They provided practices that are increasing our resilience, happiness, relationships, and more.  You always know they are teaching from a very real place.  This is not just a recitation of self- help tips: it is full, body-mind engagement.  Our results have dramatically improved, and I am so grateful! ​  

soren bjorn image.jpeg

Soren Bjorn 
President, Driscoll's Berries

I was the most skeptical person in the room.  But, I had heard such great things.  So, I decided to take my team through 2 days with Ryan and Sheila. The experience was so impactful, we decided to cascade their work throughout all of our U.S. and Mexico leadership teams.  Never in my entire career as a leader have I had more  people come into my office to personally ‘thank me’.  

Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 7.12.24 PM.png

Tom Cullen, CIO

Shiela and the Moksha group's process & methodology enables teams to quickly expose and address issues with team culture, norms, behaviors and personalities in a very supportive manner. But their secret sauce is their ability to navigate, encourage and support the required level of vulnerability to enable the team to safely unpack what is working and what is not while addressing conflict, fear and accountability on the path to improvement. Through their process and our leadership team's commitment for change, our departmentwent from one of the lowest performing teams in the company on our annual engagement survey to one of the highest in less than a year. Scores aside, the biggest benefit was the personal growth of every team member involved in addition to major improvement in the level of shared accountability, trust and positive team culture. Simply put, we all became better people and a better team which resulted in greatly improved team alignment, communication, shared accountability, results and overall engagement.

Our Clients

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How We Partner

Our partnering methodology is designed to catalyze momentum quickly and systemically.  Our approach any intervention - from executive coaching to system-wide culture-shaping - is designed around human flourishing, and this also applies to how we partner.   Partnering with us is a collaboration, and we enjoy the experience as much as our clients!  


Assess current performance challenges and opportunities using qualitative and quantitative assessments.


Create a vision for change & develop Communication Roadmap in partnership with the Senior Team.


Lead transformation immersions to fully unblock and catalyze change - inspiring people, teams, & your organization.


Reinforce change by integrating tools and techniques in daily practices, communications, & habits.   


Take a Breath.  Reflect. Assess impact.  Co-Design the Next Cycle of Interventions based on Conclusions.  


human optimization

We create organizational cultures where people feel more alive! When people feel better, they perform better, they collaborate more, and they innovate naturally.

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